GLOCAL: Little Diplomat Day Camp


We immerse children in a story by providing role play session. They will get to be a representative of different tribes in their general meeting as a diplomat, and thus resolving issues. During the meeting, they will acquire communicative and analytic skills through role play, understanding an issue, analyzing and resolving. Students will learn to compromise during the meeting as well.

GLOCAL 繪本遊戲組
Storytelling Playgroup: Creative Writing and Speaking


  • 透過情節的推進及排序,改變情節的後果,培養觀察及推理能力;
  • 透過加入人物、物品或條件改變情節,將舊成份變為新意念,訓練孩子創意思維;及
  • 透過互動及說故事等環節強化孩子表達能力。

Plots push a story to the climax. The Activity will add in the interactive and plot-twist sessions with our Glocal Picture Books, in order to equip our students:

  • Observation and logic thinking by ordering, pushing and altering a plot;
  • Creativity by adding roles, props and conditions; and
  • Articulation by interaction and storytelling sessions.