GLOCAL: Global Vision Language Course


Broadening students』 vision to a global level is the next education trend. The Course enriches students』 vocabularies and widen their imagination via English picture books of topics all around the world, equipping them reading, speaking and writing skills at the same time. It includes storytelling, role play, read and write, and worksheets. A follow-up activity will be held at the end of the Course, where students can act it all out!

GLOCAL: Speak to the World - Speech, Expression and Thinking Training


Getting people convinced is essential to a public speech or debate speech. That includes storytelling skill, the ability to make people feel you, how to support your argument, and make a sensible analysis. The Course introduces and shares with the students speeches that impacted the world, so as to train them how to organise their own speeches, thus appeal to and convince the audience. Performances or challenges may be held at the end of the Course.