Glocal Education(環城兒童教育及培育中心)以「兒童為本」作為機構的核心價值,讓家長認識和尊重每個幼兒獨特的發展規律,助家長培育孩子成為健康愉快、正面積極、樂於探索、富創造力及善於溝通的人。而 Glocal 這個名字,正正就是全球化(『Global』)和本地化(『Local』)的合併,寓意填補本地教育和國際教育之間的空隙,為家長介紹本地及國際間不同的育兒方式,擴闊家長對育兒的想像並培育孩子成為能站於本地,面向世界的人才。

Glocal Education adopts a child-oriented approach as our core value, dedicated to let parents understand and respect their children’s development paces, in order to allow our children to grow as healthy, positive, curious, creative, and communicative people.

By 『Glocal』 we combine globalization (『global』) and localization (『local』), devoted to fill the gap between local education and global education, introducing numerous parenting styles locally and globally so as to broaden parents』 imagination towards nurturing their future local elites who are capable of embracing the world.

教育理念 Our Vision

香港作為一個國際城市,社會環境及價值不斷轉變,下一代所需的質素亦受到衝擊。根據多項國際教育研究,全球化視野、文化適應能力是將是成為未來人才的決定性條件。有見及此,Glocal Education 將融合傳統教育價值,發展出符合現代發展需要的兩大概念:

In Hong Kong the international city, social landscape and values transform every second, impacting on what our next generation needs to be equipped. According to several international education researches, global vision and cultural adaptability are critical to our future talents. In view of that, Glocal Education extracts the essence of traditional education values and develops the following two concepts crucial to our children:

(i) G-Knowledge

High language proficiency

Good mathematical and science knowledge

Interest in global culture and awareness

(ii) G-Power


Logical thinking

Communication, negotiation and conversation

Emotion control

Participation and responsibility

Understanding of and respect to cultural difference

經合組織(OECD)和哈佛大學教育研究生院於2018年共同主持及發佈《PISA全球素養框架》(PISA Global Competence Framework),指出我們未來,將因經濟、科技、人口和環境幾方面的加速轉變,而面臨更多跨文化交流的機會和挑戰,全球素養將是當中一項重要的人才因素。另外,美國全球教室教師計劃(TGC Program)於2017年底亦發佈了全球教育指引供全美各級學校教師參考。台北市則剛於3月份,由市長柯文哲發佈《五年國際教育實施綱要》,指出要增強學生邁向世界的力量。這種種發展均展示了融入全球教育框架於學習當中,對於孩子成長,以至未來發展,尤為重要。


  • 站在當地,面向全球是未來必須擁有的一種視野;
  • 適應不同文化,擁有全球移動力(Global Mobility),暢行世界,是未來人才所需具備的;
  • 能理解及欣賞不同人士的觀點與世界觀,擁有開放、得體和有效的互動溝通能力,是全球村民的重要特徵;及
  • 擁有全球公民身份,為人類福祉和可持續發展而採取行動。

The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and Harvard Graduate School of Education released PISA Global Competence Framework, pointing out that in the future our economy, technology, population and environment will undergo faster change. With more chances and challenges among different cultures, global competence is one of the most important factors to a talent. On the other hand, TGC Program published  a global education guidance in 2017 for all American school teachers for reference. The Mayor of Taipei, Ko Wen-je, set out in March 2018 a five-year outline about practising international education, emphasising the importance of strengthening the momentum of students going global. All the above development has shown the fact that immersing children in a global education is very beneficial to their growth and future.

We believe that:

  • 「Being Global」, 「Acting Glocal」 is a must-have vision in the future;
  • Being adaptable to different cultures and possessing global mobility are crucial to becoming a future talent;
  • Being capable of comprehending and appreciating different views from all walks of life, and handling an interaction openly, effectively and graciously, are important features of a global citizen; and
  • Under the identity of global citizen, we act for human’s future and sustainable development.